About us

Co-founders of City Sisters: Miranda & Lauren

Hey there, we're City Sisters!

Where big city fashion meets the modern woman, curated by sisters in the city.

Our philosophy: When you look good, you feel good! Ever been extremely nervous for that important interview or first date? What did you do? Did you put on your favorite suit or dress that makes you feel amazing?

Our mission: Empower every female or nonbinary human to feel amazing, no matter where they live + help them feel confident enough to express their boss b*tch attitude through what they wear.

Who we are: We're two sisters that love fashion! Growing up, we've always wanted to expand our closets + always idolized others that had the confidence to wear exactly what they wanted to. Going to college and living in large cities gave us that confidence + we want to share it with you!

Having lived in NYC, MSP & CHI, we believe that anything is possible. That you shouldn't let where you live hold you back from your dreams--especially if that includes expressing your personality through clothing. <3

Love, Miranda & Lauren